We raise Black Angus hybrid cattle on lush pastures that are free from any herbicides and pesticides. Our animals are 100% grass fed and finished, and have never been fed grain, nor treated with any antibiotics or hormones. As a result, their meat is high in vitamins and healthy fats, low in saturated fat, and full of flavor. To ensure sufficient marbling of our beef, we only slaughter our animals when they are fully finished, often raising them for 24 months.


High quality grass fed beef results from high quality forage. We manage our intensive, rotational grazing systems to prioritize soil fertility and biodiversity. Over time, these practices will help maintain healthy pastures while maximizing carbon sequestration, so that our animals have a smaller ecological footprint. By eating our beef, you are investing in your health and the health of our environment,  supporting our regional economy and helping to preserve viable farmland.

Photo credit: Julia Rebecca Photography

295 Sherman Road, Westport, NY