KZ Kraut is made in small batches in the fall when cabbage is at its peak in the North Country. We ferment this sauerkraut in stainless steel vessels, and keep it raw so that it remains full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

We hope to grow our own cabbage for this kraut one day, but in the meantime we purchase high quality heads from our friends at Juniper Hill Farm, a 35-acre certified organic vegetable farm in Wadhams, NY.

We currently feature THREE flavors of sauerkraut: Cumin, Apple Caraway, and Spicy Carrot. The tried and true Cumin Kraut pairs nicely with eggs, beans, red meat and toast. The effervescent Apple Caraway is particularly tasty with sharp cheese, chicken and sausage. Our newest addition, Spicy Carrot, is an aromatic riff on Salvadorian “curtido,” with carrots, onion and hot peppers in the mix. We suggest the Spicy Carrot kraut on tacos….and everything else. Whatever your flavor of choice, our kraut will add a bubbly, crunchy tang and lots of nutrients to your meal.

295 Sherman Road, Westport, NY